Quinn And Ryan! Orcas Island Love!

What!!!  I cannot imagine anything more delightful that Quinn and Ryan with their amazing crew of friends.  The Odd Fellows Hall on Orcas Island is one of my all time favorite venues.  There are so many portrait opportunities at it’s doorstep.  You will be seeing a lot of posts from me this year with this fun venue.  Thank you Bella Umbrella for providing us with some beautiful umbrellas to put our mind at ease for rainy out door portraits!  Check out their website here!

Orcas_Island_Wedding_Photography_oddfellows 1Orcas_Island_Wedding_Photography_oddfellows 2Orcas_Island_Wedding_Photography_oddfellows 3Orcas_Island_Wedding_Photography_oddfellows 4Orcas_Island_Wedding_Photography_oddfellows 5Orcas_Island_Wedding_Photography_oddfellows 6Orcas_Island_Wedding_Photography_oddfellows 7Orcas_Island_Wedding_Photography_oddfellows 8Orcas_Island_Wedding_Photography_oddfellows 9Orcas_Island_Wedding_Photography_oddfellows 10Orcas_Island_Wedding_Photography_oddfellows 11Orcas_Island_Wedding_Photography_oddfellows 12Orcas_Island_Wedding_Photography_oddfellows 13Orcas_Island_Wedding_Photography_oddfellows 14Orcas_Island_Wedding_Photography_oddfellows 15Orcas_Island_Wedding_Photography_oddfellows 16Orcas_Island_Wedding_Photography_oddfellows 17Orcas_Island_Wedding_Photography_oddfellows 18Orcas_Island_Wedding_Photography_oddfellows 19Orcas_Island_Wedding_Photography_oddfellows 20Orcas_Island_Wedding_Photography_oddfellows 21Orcas_Island_Wedding_Photography_oddfellows 22

Beautiful Orcas Island Wedding. Kristy and Paul!

Wow..  this one is the best of all worlds!  Getting ready at Bromley Manor…. then off to Rosario for an amazing ceremony…  followed by a good time at Odd Fellow’s Hall.. One of my all time favorite places on the island!  Congratulations Paul and Kristy.  What a beautiful amazing wedding.

Thank you Cindy at Nest for the amazing flowers and Annette Deon for the fantastic hair!


orcas_island_wedding_photography_Rosario_oddfellows_hall 1orcas_island_wedding_photography_Rosario_oddfellows_hall 3orcas_island_wedding_photography_Rosario_oddfellows_hall 2orcas_island_wedding_photography_Rosario_oddfellows_hall 4orcas_island_wedding_photography_Rosario_oddfellows_hall 6orcas_island_wedding_photography_Rosario_oddfellows_hall 7orcas_island_wedding_photography_Rosario_oddfellows_hall 9orcas_island_wedding_photography_Rosario_oddfellows_hall 10orcas_island_wedding_photography_Rosario_oddfellows_hall 11orcas_island_wedding_photography_Rosario_oddfellows_hall 12orcas_island_wedding_photography_Rosario_oddfellows_hall 13orcas_island_wedding_photography_Rosario_oddfellows_hall 14orcas_island_wedding_photography_Rosario_oddfellows_hall 15orcas_island_wedding_photography_Rosario_oddfellows_hall 23orcas_island_wedding_photography_Rosario_oddfellows_hall 16orcas_island_wedding_photography_Rosario_oddfellows_hall 18orcas_island_wedding_photography_Rosario_oddfellows_hall 17orcas_island_wedding_photography_Rosario_oddfellows_hall 19orcas_island_wedding_photography_Rosario_oddfellows_hall 20orcas_island_wedding_photography_Rosario_oddfellows_hall 21orcas_island_wedding_photography_Rosario_oddfellows_hall 22orcas_island_wedding_photography_Rosario_oddfellows_hall 24

Santa is coming to town!

Santa_photos_SeattleOn December 12th from 10 am to 2pm I will be hosting Santa Jerry in the studio!
I searched very specifically for a wonderful, real bearded Santa to come and celebrate with us.. and I am SO Happy to have found him!

The are appointment only sessions, and one day only.
Email me today to reserve your spot: satya@satyaphotography.com

$45 gets you a sitting with Santa and an online gallery to choose prints and files individually.
$85 includes the sitting with Santa, all digital files, and a bonus $10 print credit towards anything purchased through the online gallery.
$130 Gets you all listed above plus a set of 3 sweet mini accordion books to share with family at Christmas! (accordions are a $95 Value).

We will also have story time with the elves, hot chocolate and tea, and some other lovely treats!
This will be so much fun! We will be making a wonderful day of it.

Most importantly…  a portion of the proceeds will benefit Open Arms Perinatal Services!


Open Arms Perinatal Services is a nonprofit dedicated to providing strong community-based support for women through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Having been a doula myself, I understand the importance of this profession. This is why I am supporting their 18th birthday auction and fundraiser on November 12th. Santa sittings, as well as a portrait session will be auctioned at the event! I encourage you all to check out what they offer and participate in this wonderful event!

Santa in Seattle 3

Ella Faye

I have been meaning to share this one for some time!  I am in love with Adrienne and Stephen’s little family…  Miss Ella Faye is a dream!  I had the amazing opportunity to also photograph their wedding at DoeBay resort a few years ago!  One of my favorites!

Here is the link to some of those images!!:


Sweet Baby Calla Elise! Seattle and Tacoma Newborn Photography

Little miss Calla was born a few weeks ago!  You may remember Duncan And Cheri’s beautiful boat elopement I blogged a while ago.. Here is the link!  We all knew Calla would come soon!  And here she is!  Healthy and happy!

If you want to check out their wedding here it is!!!  https://blog.satyaphotography.com/2014/08/24/san-juan-island-wooden-boat-elopement-sneak-peak-orcas-island-wedding-photography/


Seattle Fall Mini Sessions! Seattle Portrait Photography

Last weekend we did some fall family sessions at the Seattle Arboretum.  It was amazing and fun!!!!  I love these little munchkins!  Thank you Moreo and baby Jack.. for being such fun people to hang out with!!!


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The Amazing Djuna! Orcas Island Yoga Teacher

It is such a treat when healers and teachers come in for some professional portraits.  I am so inspired by Djuna and I was so excited to reconnect with her on this project. I have seen her career grow and blossom over the years, and I must say what an amazing presence she holds.  If you ever have a chance to study with her, I would jump on it!  Here is her Facebook page where she lists a lot of her offerings, and also those of her teacher Tias Little.



San Juan Island! Wooden Boat Elopement Sneak Peak! Orcas Island Wedding Photography

Congratulations Duncan and Cheri! What an amazing day and an amazing couple! Their connection is so magical, and sweet. We sailed off from Friday Harbor with San Juan Classic Day Sailing, off to the Dear Harbor Marina on Orcas Island! Then back again!  Here is a little sneak peak from the day.  I had so much fun.Orcas_Island_Wedding_Sailing_Photography7Orcas_Island_Wedding_Sailing_Photography4Orcas_Island_Wedding_Sailing_Photography5Orcas_Island_Wedding_Sailing_Photography1Orcas_Island_Wedding_Sailing_Photography6Orcas_Island_Wedding_Sailing_Photography2Orcas_Island_Wedding_Sailing_Photography3Orcas_Island_Wedding_Sailing_Photography8

Mt. Rainier! Lets Get Married and Hike! Seattle Wedding Photography On the Mountain!

I have been beyond excited about this wedding for some time now and am really happy to share it here on my blog!  Matt and Ellie got Hitched on the side of the road at at Mt. Rainier National Park, (un-expectedly.. after a permit mixup at Sunrise Visitor’s Center).   Their guests packed up some yummy snacks post ceremony and headed out for a hike around Naches Loop!  What a beautiful day and and a magical couple!  Many thanks to Voodoo Doughnuts for providing the bride and groom’s favorite treat!

Mt.Rainier_Wedding13Mt.Rainier_Wedding2 Mt.Rainier_Wedding1Mt.Rainier_Wedding3Mt.Rainier_Wedding5Mt.Rainier_Wedding6 Mt.Rainier_Wedding7Mt.Rainier_Wedding16Mt.Rainier_Wedding8Mt.Rainier_Wedding10 Mt.Rainier_Wedding11 Mt.Rainier_Wedding16Mt.Rainier_Wedding15Mt.Rainier_Wedding14